Brazing With Gasflux

Introduction to Gasflux:

Gasflux is a process that was designed in 1938 to improve torch brazing. The result, was the birth of The Gasflux Company and the introduction of “the flux in the flame”. Gasflux can be used with any fuel gas and can be used to join similar or dissimilar metals. 

The Gasflux Difference:

Used with bronze, silver, and copper silver phosphorus filler metals, Gasflux produces joints of optimum strength and outstanding appearance while reducing post braze cleanup costs. The result is increased productivity with reduced material and application cost!

The Process Explained:

Gasflux introduces Boron (a commonly found chemical in such products as hand soap, eye wash and other products) into the flame via suspension in alcohol (acetone and methanol). This creates a de-oxidizing atmosphere during the brazing process, allowing the alloy to flow freely and keeping the part clean of oxides.

Benefits of using Gasflux:

  • Optimum strength
  • Reduced filler metal consumed
  • Minimal post-braze cleaning
  • Quicker brazing times
  • Reduced leaks
  • Reduce over-heating of the base metals

Where to Purchase:

Currently All Things Brazing does not offer either the Gasfluxer Unit or the liquid. Any inquiries of purchasing can be made directly to Gasflux. The Gasflux website can be reached by clicking the following link:

The Gasflux Company Homepage