Gasflux 5% Silver Solder Brazing Rod 20"

Gasflux 5% Silver Solder Brazing Rod 20"

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  • AG-05 is a phos-copper that is used primarily for the joining of copper to copper and copper to brass where tight gaps cannot be maintained.
  • Typical applications are air conditioning and refrigeration components including valves, condensers and coils, water lines and heat exchangers.
  • This alloy is self-fluxing on copper joints. It is recommended that a flux such as our Type U Paste Flux be used when brazing copper to brass.
  • The brazing temperature range for AG-05 is 1325 to 1500°F (718 to 816°C)
  • Recommended for tolerances of .002 to .005”. This universal alloy has a lower phosphorus content which allows for loose fitting joints to be filled provided it does not exceed the upper range of the tolerance. Works with non-ferrous base metals such as copper and brass. It is not recommended for ferrous base metals such as steel and stainless steel.   


  • Length: 20"
  • Alloy: BCuP-3
  • AWS A5.8-04 Class BCuP-3
  • ASME SFA5.7 Class BCuP-3
  • QQ-B-650 Class BCuP-3

Chemical Composition:

  • Cu: Balance
  • Ag: 5%
  • P: 6%
  • Total Others: 0.15%

Temperature Specs:

  • Solidus: 1190ºF (643ºC)
  • Liquidus: 1495ºF (813ºC)
  • Brazing Range: 1325-1500ºF (718 – 816ºC)
  • Color: Light Copper
  • Specific Gravity: 8.13