AG-45% Silver Brazing Coil

AG-45% Silver Brazing Coil

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AG-45% is a general-purpose cadmium-free brazing alloy for brazing with steel, copper, and brass. This silver alloy has the addition of tin to enhance flow and works well for wide clearances. It has a brazing temperature range of 1251 to 1495°F (677 to 813°C). It is also referred to “45T”. AG-45% is an excellent silver to work with Type U Paste Flux (copper, brass, and mild steels), Type G Paste Flux (mild steels and stainless steel) and Type H Black Paste Flux (copper, brass, mild steels, and stainless steel). All paste fluxes work with dissimilar base metals.


Chemical Composition/Specs:

  • Ag: 44-46%
  • Cu: 26-28%
  • Zn: 23-27%
  • AWS A5.8
  • BAg-36


  • Solidus: 1195°F (646°C)
  • Liquidus: 1251°F (677°C)