AG-56% Silver Brazing Coil

AG-56% Silver Brazing Coil

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AG-56% is a very low temperature cadmium-free brazing alloy for brazing with 300 series stainless steel and mild steels. This silver alloy has the addition of tin to enhance flow and keep brazing temperature low. It has a brazing temperature range of 1145 to 1305°F (618 to 652°C). Excellent silver to work with Type U Paste Flux (copper, brass, mild steels, stainless steel) Type G Paste Flux (steel and stainless steel) and Type H Black Paste Flux (mild steels and stainless steel).


Chemical Composition/Specs:

  • Ag: 56%
  • Cu: 22%
  • Zn: 17%
  • Sn: 5%
  • AWS A5.8
  • BAg-7


  • Solidus: 1145°F (618°C)
  • Liquidus: 1205°F (652°C)