Gasflux 15% Silver Solder Copper Brazing Rod 20"

Gasflux 15% Silver Solder Copper Brazing Rod 20"

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  • Our most popular item for brazing air-conditioning and refrigerator copper connections
  • AG-15 is a Phos-copper brazing alloy that is primarily used for the joining of copper to copper and copper to brass where tight gaps cannot be maintained. This product is perfect for brazing air-conditioning and refrigerator copper connection. 
  • Typical applications are air conditioning and refrigeration components including valves, condensers and coils, water lines and heat exchangers.
  • This alloy is self-fluxing on copper joints. It is recommended that a flux such as our Type U Paste Flux be used when brazing copper to brass.
  • The brazing temperature range for AG-15 is 1300 to 1500°F (704 to 816°C)
  • Recommended for tolerances of .002 to .005”. This superior and universal alloy has a lower phosphorus content which allows for loose fitting joints to be filled provided it does not exceed the upper range of the tolerance. Works with non-ferrous base metals such as copper and brass. It is not recommended for ferrous base metals such as steel and stainless steel.  


  • Length: 20"
  • Alloy: BCuP-5
  • AWS A5.8-04 Class BCuP-5
  • ASME SFA5.7 Class BCuP-5
  • QQ-B-650 Class BCuP-5

Chemical Composition:

  • Cu: Balance
  • Ag: 15%
  • P: 5%
  • Total Others: 0.15%

Temperature Specs:

  • Solidus: 1190ºF (643ºC)
  • Liquidus: 1475ºF (802ºC)
  • Brazing Range: 1300-1500ºF (704 – 816ºC)
  • Color: Light Copper
  • Specific Gravity: 8.44